Our Mission

We believe that it is a privilege to be artists, that it is a gift to be able to create, and we intend to express those creative gifts in their fullest and most positive capacities.

We believe that art has a unique ability to create moments of transformation and transcendence. And we believe that this art that we are creating, both in its essence and expression, has the power to heal, to connect, and to empower. Our goal is to harness that power to help as many as possible, be it simply or profoundly.

We will allocate a percentage of our profits towards supporting activities that create a more luminous, more enlivened world, activities such as: environmental and sustainability research; health and wellness research; poverty alleviation; education; intercultural understanding; and personal and spiritual exploration.

We intend for our support of these activities to be more than token. In order to achieve this, we will set the allocated percentage high from day one, to demonstrate our commitment to acts of service through our creative endeavors, regardless of their scope and size. Our dream is that all of our creative endeavors eventually be fully self-supporting, so that one hundred percent of our profits can go towards creating a brighter world.

Who we are

Adam Farouk

Founder, CEO, Creative Director

Adam Farouk is a musician, producer, writer, and entrepreneur, currently based in the United States. He is known for his integrative approach to the creative arts, and frequently infuses his works with unlikely combinations of style and influence.

Born in Penang, an island off the northwest coast of Malaysia, and having lived in numerous places around the world, Adam credits this exposure from a young age to a variety of cultures as being essential to his discovering and developing the style that would come to define his creative work, one both distinctly global and grounded in the heart.

With over two decades of experience in the creative arena, and extensive work around the world in multiple roles and across multiple genres, Adam champions an approach to creativity that looks to synthesize the intent to entertain with the desire to seek and explore truths hidden deep within the psyche—all with the goal of creating music and art that brings about both enjoyment and healing.

This, coupled with a passion for philanthropy, inspired the conceptualization of BlueDorian by Adam in 2004, and now continues to fuel his indefatigable efforts to contribute to its growth and development into a far-reaching and impactful independent creator of conscious art and entertainment.

Among other projects, Adam co-spearheads BlueDorian Media Entertainment with his wife and partner, Elizabeth Geuss.

Elizabeth Geuss, Psy.D.

President, COO

Elizabeth Geuss holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and is certified as a practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine. She is the founder and CEO of Artisanal Innovations LLC, a company dedicated to the promotion of self-empowerment and well-being, through increased self-care (Artisanal Healing, ayurvedic products) and self-expression (Artisanal Being, online lifestyle, gift, and home décor store).

A rising-star wellness expert and multi-passionate entrepreneur, Elizabeth is also a lifelong lover and supporter of the arts. She has participated extensively in various theatrical and musical projects, before and during her life as a healer, playing a variety of roles from producer to performer. In 2005, Elizabeth founded and directed a vocal ensemble for people living with cancer diagnoses; the group acted as an outlet for stress relief and positive human connection and collaboration. The experience was a transformative one for all involved, and further fueled her commitment to exploring the connections between healing and the creative arts.

Elizabeth brings both this commitment and sense of exploration, in addition to a professional and personal emphasis on the principles of empowerment, authenticity, and wellness, as well as an extensive background in integrative healing, psychology, and social enterprise, to BlueDorian’s executive round table. In her few years as President and COO, she has already helped—and no doubt will continue to help—BlueDorian fuse more fully with its commitment to the idea of business and art coming together to heal.

What we do

We compose, write, record, produce, publish and perform our own creative content, which includes everything from songs and their accompanying music videos, and instrumental sheet music, to private and larger scale concerts and theatrical performances. We currently have a number of projects in the works that run the gamut of creative production and performance, and couldn’t be more excited about them. Please check out our Projects page for more information on what’s in the pipeline, and sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know about new releases and offerings!