The ebullient, mind-bending spinoff series to Daughters of Time, League of Dreams (LoD) follows the adventures of former quad-dimensional wunderkind Tamberlain Chase who, along with a new gang of time-meddling misfits, is put to work once again jumping through fourth-dimensional space, this time via the collective subconsciousness of Faerworld’s sleeping minds. As political tensions flare on the harsh and sectarian continent of Tuweni, so grows the threat of bio-psychological attack from without. To defeat an unseeable foe, Chase must turn a haphazard group of unruly rivals into the only line of defense Faerworld’s dreamers have against all-out invasion.


“Solving mysteries, righting wrongs, finding forgiveness, one dream at a time.”

–On Quad-dimensional Living, Tamberlain, Lord Chase.