In a last-ditch attempt to drum up publicity for the “Corral Nevada,” a beloved but floundering local music haunt, BFFs and songwriting partners John Seeker and Zayn Al-Rahim make a desperate pitch to entertainment big-wig Nigel “Scowler” Evans, that he might find his latest hit series in filming the lives of those who call the Nevada and its Open Mic Mondays a home away from home. But the proposed documentary soon reveals itself to be a multi-million dollar reality show, and the once free-spirited and cooperative community is soon pitted against itself in a dog-eat-dog competition designed to separate “winners” from “losers.”

Drawing from years of experience in the field, Open Mic takes a humble and in-no-way-unbiased look at the forces of collaboration and competition and the roles they play in the life and trials of the creative artist, then makes you forget about it all with a dazzling array of spectacularly catchy tunes, ‘cause really that’s what it’s all about.