Faerworld makes its first connection with the “Eerthworld”—or Earth, as we know it. Perenaud sets sail from relatively familiar waters: Boston, Massachusetts; Lewes, Sussex; and London, but it doesn’t take long to discover that things are more magical than they might appear. Aspiring children’s book illustrator Angela Youngblood finds herself mysteriously transported to the place she has been compulsively sketching her entire life: Faerworld. Here, all that is real becomes the stuff of myth and fable on earth; here, there looms a war that threatens to leave all ravaged and enslaved. To find her way home, Angela must confront and defeat the engineers of the coming conflict, an organization known only as Rhumer. If she is to succeed, she must overcome her greatest fears, face her true self, and survive an awfully big adventure.


“These destinies are linked. As we let go of that which limited our imaginations, they let go of that which limits their lives. Can’t you see? We are bound: united.”

–from The Faerworld Chronicles, Angela Youngblood