The thrilling follow-up series to Daughters of Time, Skyfarer picks up the adventures of the inhabitants of Faerworld, this time half a world away on the continent of Constantia. West Garnet is a principality that has seen better days. Struggling financially and beset by inter-species animosity, it is far from the ideal place for an aspiring advocate, especially one like Atticus Coleman, who also is a “shunter,” or mechanical man, whose people—previously servants to the ruling class—must still fight for recognition as full members of the citizenry. But when the ancient magic of a mysterious recluse from long ago is unlocked, Atticus finds he may have at his very fingertips the secret to uniting the people of Constantia, and lifting them out of darkness once and for all.

“Touch the sky. Unite a nation.”

–The Minds and Modes of Camden Lloyd, Atticus Coleman