The Adam Farouk Orchestra (AFO) is a live-performance musical initiative established by Creative Director Adam Farouk, comprising a rotating roster of professional musicians based around the Greater Boston area. Its primary repertoire is original music composed by Farouk, specifically that which falls within the pop/rock genres.

The idea for such an ensemble was developed gradually over the better part of a decade, but was only recently formalized, with the adoption of the designation “orchestra” to reflect both the revolving nature of the group’s membership as well its focus on development and stylistic exploration. A smaller “mobile” ensemble has at times been employed for the same purpose, consisting of two singer-guitarists, able to command smaller venues with more ease than would a full rock band.

Configurational experimentation has been a highlight of the ensemble, which started its revival in 2013 as a five-piece keyboard-based pop group, before paring itself down to what the band now reflexively refers to as its “string-quartet” phase, characterized by an increased emphasis on the intermingling of guitar textures, and the strategic abandoning of the drum set as the source of rhythmic cohesion. Though challenging and creatively fulfilling, the AFO has recently returned to its roots, adopting with more consistency the full sound of a traditional rock band.

The AFO continues to assemble each year for a limited series of exclusive engagements, with band-squads featuring many of the best that Greater Boston has to offer. Performance and ticket information will be posted on social media as soon as it becomes available. We hope to see you all there, and look forward to sharing with you a high-impact live experience, filled with both energizing performance and affirming, connective, and inspiring music!

Complementary to this system of live performance, the “Adam Farouk Music” Initiative exists as a collaborative system of music production, serving as the main generator for original content. For more information please visit Adam Farouk’s artist website, at: